A skin tag is a small fibroma (small or large, flat, raised benign tumours that sit on the skins surface) that appear either single or in multiple formation and sometimes referred to as an achrochordon. They are commonly found on the neck, breasts and axillae, and constant friction from necklaces or shirt collars contribute towards their formation in these areas. Sometimes they appear in the eyelids. They become inflamed if they are repeatedly irritated when tissues are rubbed together in friction e.g. wearing chains on the neck or in the skin folds of the obese. As we age, they proliferate and some individuals can multiply in areas. This can pose psychological stress on some individuals who tend to wear scarves or high collars to hide them.

How can we help?
For effective skin tag removal, at TotalBeauty we use LamProbe technology which utilizes both high frequency current and radio wave frequency of attracting liquids to the probes being used. Various sizes of probes are used to precisely target the unwanted tissues.

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