A Freckle is a small round circular spot that lies on the surface of the skin. It is never raised, and look like yellow, dark or light tanned brown spots, and can appear on the face, arms and legs. Freckles are known to be hereditary, however freckles can multiply and develop into becoming darker spots, due to more environment free radicals and sun exposure (UV rays). This is due to the fact that the pigment producing cells (melanocytes) produce pigment (melanin) at an increased rate.

How can we help?
At TotalBeauty we offer a range of laser treatments to help treat remove and or lighten freckles safely and effectively. Laser Photo Rejuvenation is the best laser treatment to remove freckles as it emits gentle pulses of light over the area of treatment, and does not require downtime lengths in order to accomplish results. Some clients may receive redness or swelling, however this will subside in a few ours. Chemical peels is also an option that can also help decrease and lighten dark freckles. This could also improve irregular pigmentation and brighten the skin.