Acne is a very common skin condition affecting people of all ranges of skin types, and of people of all ages. Acne can be caused by hormonal changes, genetics, hygiene and free-radical environmental factors, or as well as a combination of all of the above. Acne is commonly appeared on the face, but can also occur on the neck, chest, back, shoulders, and upper arms.
Acne can appear in a variety of forms, differentiating from mild breakouts of blackheads and papules, to severe inflammation and pustules. This is due to the fact that when the sebaceous gland (oil glands) clogs the pores it becomes the form of black heads and or whiteheads. However both these types of clogged pores can develop into Cysts, which are also a type of acne that is formed deeper in the skin which seems like a swollen, inflamed, red pus-filled bump, just under the skins surface. It can be very painful, with a high risk of scarring.

How can we treat acne?

Many of our clients here are treated for acne and acne scaring. As acne is not a once of treatment, we have treatment plans and care packages we modify for each individual, which is dependant on the skin condition. Microdermabrasion, peels and LED are also incorporated along the process of each treatment.


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