Fat dissolving injections are a little-known procedure that is designed to address stubborn areas of fat which are still present after weight loss has been achieved. Some areas of fat are extremely difficult to remove by natural methods of weight loss and muscle toning, which leads some people to seek alternative options for these. Fat dissolving injections are just one way of reducing the size of these fatty deposits, and they are usually recommended for regions such as a double chin, upper arms, hips and the abdomen. The use of fat dissolving injections is not intended as a substitute for weight loss methods, and should only be considered after your target weight loss has been achieved.
It is more accurately described as a body sculpting method, rather than a weight loss procedure. You should speak to your doctor to find out whether you would be a suitable candidate for fat dissolving injections, and then a specialist will be able to inform you of any benefits and risks of the procedure. There are some side effects of fat dissolving injections, which you should be aware of before you agree to undergo the procedure. These include swelling, redness and tenderness in the treated area. Several fat dissolving injections may be needed before you achieve the results that you want as it varies upon each individual.

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