CEYA means “Cap, Energy, Youth, Activator”

That enables a radio frequency current to flow through the body between the active and passive plates.

The current penetrates the layer of fat and any poorly irrigated areas of the body, to eliminate toxins and re-energize the cells producing a feeling or “well-being”

What type of treatments can be achieved with CEYA?

The treatments that can be done with this device are facial rejuvenations, reshaping and re situate the facial musculature by raising the eyebrows and clearing the area around the eyes, spot treatments and cutaneous hyper pigmentation, beast reaffirmation and other body structures.

It is also for the buttocks reaffirmation , the major’s body muscle, the abdomen reduction, the cellulite dissolution and the deep aesthetic drainage. The treatments also include the revitalization, rehydration, nutrition and the skin regeneration in which the cutaneous surface acquires a freshness and luminosity.

  • Toxins Elimination
  • Arms and Abductors Reaffirmation
  • Fat, Cellulite Reduction.
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Abdomen Reduction
  • Reduce Marks and Scars
  • Thighs – Upper and Inner (women only)
  • Buttocks (women only)
  • Love Handles/Saddle Bags
  • Energy Boost
  • Pain relief
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