Come in and relax and unwind at Total Beauty, we offer a range of massage services; relaxation, Swedish or hot stone massages.

Relaxation massage benefits the mind, body and soul especially with stressful occurrence in daily life. Using long and smooth gliding strokes that are flowing are design to release muscle tension, improve blood circulation and give relaxation.

Swedish massage are design relax the whole body. The use of using rubbing and gliding stokes in the direction of the blood flow circulation in your body to give you benefits such as decreasing muscle toxins, increasing oxygen levels in the blood and also releasing tension. The use of heel, flat palm of the hands helps supply pressure to loosen muscle.

The purpose of hot stone massage is to eliminate tension, muscle stiffness and promote blood circulations. The use of water-heated stone positioned in key area of the body is to promote relaxation in muscle and tissue to allow deeper and more effective relaxation.